Hello new watchers!

I’m not sure where you all came from, but hello! I’m currently on holiday so sorry for any inactivity!

Tonight is the last night with my cats, so here’s a quick doodle. Bye kitties, please don’t be idiots and do stupid stuff.

Just messing around with some brushes and this Fursona Generator. On first try I got this and just went with it!

Quick illustration done for Illustration Friday! This weeks theme was ‘Skull’ and I just remembered the story of the bear that could not loose.

This bear was used as entertainment for miners and they pitted all sorts of animals against it but it just couldn’t be killed. In the end they tried to just end the bear and pitted an African lion against the bear. The bear won. As which each of it’s opponents it crushed the skull which killed them quickly.

My stay in Wales is coming to an end! I can’t complain too much about being here but it really hasn’t stopped raining for three weeks. So here’s a small illustration of the weird welsh dragon and our famous sheep, along with the welsh rain!

Year two of University is pretty much over now and goodness gracious it went really fast! This is my last project for 261DVA and it is a bit far fetched in the articles.

Essentially I took what is going on currently and flipped the outcomes. The project itself was to demonstrate where I thought that the industry which I am interested in would end up. After some research I found that most mediums where moving towards tablet devices, and that news websites were starting to experiment with animations and gifs. So I aimed my project on moving a breaking news website into an app, and displaying how articles may be presented.

I painted this a few days ago since the weather has been really nice! I did plan on having a week off doing nothing by vegetate, but then I felt like doing a little bit of a painting to the type of horse I always wanted as a kid.

Nothing major, just a mammoth on a bicycle for my current module.

Just a small piece from my current coursework. It’s not my typical type of work, and this is only 2% of the animation in the final thing. But I’m happy that this tedious piece is over.

Believe it or not but this is supposed to be an editorial front cover for a portable tablet like device, set roughly 100 years in the future.

I am finally done. So many issues and there was a lot of arm cramps too. I suppose things can only get better from here?

Aaaahhh! My business cards arrived, aren’t they adorable! I’m just much in love with the bottom two <3

I drew this last night in order to give me a little more faith on my assignment /weeps/

Self portrait 2014!

Gosh it feels weird writing 2014 instead of 2013. Since it’s unlikely that I’ll upload an image of myself here, I drew a rough-ish image of how I look, plus my idiot cats. im really the cvutest!!! kiusses from the best partner

(I tried to add how I don’t look like this, but my partner intervened… so a little love from my boyo there!)